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Introducing our New Implant and Invisalign Center (IIC)

We are proud to announce the introduction of our cutting-edge Implant and Invisalign Center (IIC)! With recent advances in technology, it has become more and more important to incorporate a multi-disciplinary approach to dental care ,and to work with a dental team such as ours that has expertise in this approach.

Implants Plus Invisalign

Because many of these treatment approaches incorporate replacing teeth with dental implants and moving teeth with Invisalign, RJ Dental has dedicated an entire area of their practice to patients who require treatment with this approach

For example, patients with missing teeth who don't want to wear a removable denture often need a combination of treatment modalities - teeth shifting with Invisalign to make space for planned dental implants, and then the dental implants themselves to replace the missing teeth.

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With Dr. Buffong's patience, experience, and advanced training, you're sure to love the IIC and your new smile! Contact us or call today at 201-837-6666 to schedule an appointment in Teaneck, NJ or 908-241-6455 for an appointment in Roselle, NJ.