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Mouth guards are protective devices that athletes wear to protect them from oral injuries. They protect their teeth, gums, cheeks, and tongue in case an accident occurs while playing. Initially, mouth guards were used by boxers, but their popularity in sports has increased. Sport mouth guards come in various types: custom-fitted mouth guards and over-the-counter mouth guards. Custom-fitted mouth guards offer better teeth protection than over-the-counter mouth guards since they fit perfectly on your teeth. A good mouth guard should provide optimal comfort, be easy to clean, and resist tears. Besides, it should not restrict your speech or breathing. RJ Dental will suggest the best mouth guard for you for your overall mouth protection.

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Who Needs a Sports Guard?

Anyone, including children and adults, needs a mouth guard to safeguard their mouth. Accidents happen, and the best thing you can do is protect yourself in advance. Mouth guards help you avoid nerve damage to your tooth, broken or chipped teeth, and tooth loss.

Sport mouth guards are ideal for people who participate in contact sports like soccer, baseball, hockey, lacrosse, boxing, and basketball. If you or your child takes part in recreational activities like mountain biking, gymnastics, skateboarding, or any other physical activity that can lead to mouth injury, you need to wear a sports mouth guard to protect your mouth from falling injuries.

How to Care for Your Mouth Guard

It is essential to care for your mouth guard and your overall oral health as well. Ensure you clean your teeth carefully before wearing your mouth guard since your mouth has some bacteria. Use cold water to rinse your mouth guard before and after using it. You can also use a toothbrush and mild soap to clean this protective device.

After washing your mouth guard, allow it to air dry. Do not expose your mouth guard in high temperatures such as direct sunlight, hot surfaces, hot water, or any excessive heat to prevent interfering with its shape. Make sure you put your mouth guard in a sturdy, perforated plastic case anytime it's not in use or while traveling.

Store your mouth guard out of your pets' reach. You also need to check this protector from general wear and tear. Replace your mouth guard if it becomes uncomfortable, loose, or has some tears or holes. It is advisable to bring your mouth guard in to the dentist to inspect it. With proper care, custom-fitted mouth guards can last for several years. However, over-the-counter mouth guards last only for a few months.

How Often Should You Replace Your Sports Mouth Guard?

Even if some sports mouth guards can last for an extended period, you need to replace them after every season. Ensure you have a new mouth guard at the beginning of every sports season. You have to replace mouth guards for your children more often as their mouth and teeth grow.

Visit RJ Dental to get a personalized sports mouth guard made for you. Call us today at (551) 369-2001 for more details about mouth guards.

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